Mindfulness tasks:
There are many benefits to practicing Mindfulness and many ways to be Mindful. These videos show children a multitude of ways to be Mindful, other than a formal practice. Use them before starting a new task, having a brain break or purely as a Mindful moment. We will add one task per week. Enjoy.

First task: What’s that sound?

Task 1

Second Task: Ice-cube challenge

Task 2

Third task: Just listen to the music

Task 3

Fourth Task: Gratitude

Task 4

Fifth Task: Counting thoughts

Task 5

Sixth Task: Taking time to eat

Task 6

Seventh Task: Mindful Photography

Task 7

Eigth Task: Hand Breathing

Task 8

Ninth Task: Dot to dot

Task 9

Tenth Task: Squiggles

Task 10

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Last modified by long.s on 06/07/2020