At All Saints’, we are proud of our Catholic identity. We are proud to call ourselves children of Christ and we are proud of the long line of Christians who have come before us and shone the light. Our Saints’ are a shining example of what it is to encounter Christ and act as a constant reminder of how we should live our lives and who we can turn to in our intersessions to Christ. We are All Saints’ and felt that it was important that we be surrounded by ‘all the Saints’. As such, we will be re-dedicating our school buildings in an act of thanks and celebration to those individuals who bravely put their faith before all else. We have worked alongside our local clergy and governors to produce a list of very deserving candidates and Bishop Patrick has kindly agreed to bless our school buildings during the rededication. We will also be renaming our Library ‘The St John Houghton Library’ in honour of our local saint.

As a faith community we believe that everyone is a valued member. This is why we are asking all students, staff, parents and local parishioners to take part in our school vote. Please follow the first link which will highlight the proposed ‘Saints’, this will also give you an understanding of who they are and the wonderful acts they undertook.

Click here! Click here!

Once you have read the information, please follow the second link which will allow you take part in the vote.

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The deadline for your vote is Friday 19th July. This will allow us to announce the new building names during our end of year liturgy.

If you have any questions regarding the vote or the saints’, please do not hesitate to contact our lay Chaplain, Vicki Mullen on 01623 474700.

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