´╗┐The Year 11 Prom, due to take place on Friday 19th June, is cancelled. We appreciate that this will be really disappointing for a number of our Year 11 students, however, it is not feasible given the current National circumstances and the school closure situation. Unfortunately, we do not know how long the current arrangements will be in place and, as a result, the most cautious step to take in this situation is to cancel the event.

As we indicated before, when schools reopen we will arrange a celebration event so that our students have the opportunity to gather together and reflect on their All Saints' journey. We are sorry that this decision has had to be made but we are committed to ensuring that students and staff remain safe.

Take Care and God Bless

Mrs Johnson and Mr Cuomo

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Last modified by ´╗┐Marsden.A on 02/04/2020